Look & Feel

Playing in the band.

Sound Landscapes

Set the mood of your band’s music. A Tinglist who focuses on sound landscapes builds the ambience that defines a songs character. This is not note play, you are playing in landscapes.

Effect Master

As the effects master Tinglist you use Tingle’s expressive interface to apply effects to other instruments. This results in very nuanced sound-effects control that will have your audience going wild.


The morpher Tinglist can bend and warp recorded sounds into new sounds, and then play the warped sound. Pluck a guitar string and hear it be warped into a completely new sound that is then played as a sound landscape.

More functions when you need them.

Tingle is meticulously designed to keep the focus on the core experience. But when you have built something great, and need to push it even further, Tingle gives simple access to a wide range of functions through a single button. This is a soft-touch button that is smoothly merged with the Tingle’s shape and can be accessed on both the top and bottom of Tingle.