Healthy Mobility

Designing a radical future for mobility where cars become a beacon of health, and a combination between private and public transport.


World Design Capital Helsinki

“Healthy Mobility” is a futuristic (year 2030) mobility ecosystem for Toyota, that my team and I designed to tackle issues such as urbanization and the lack of access to mobility solutions for the elderly In Japan. In this vision, the lines between private and public transport become blurred and people concentrate on daily rituals / tasks instead of driving.


For example, one could relax using the Zen package, or get an instant health check-up, all whilst driving. In this case, the car retains it's individualism through the services that the user can install in their car. All of these services are synchronised to your mobile phone profile (which is also your car key).


In this vision, the meaning of mobility is changed from it's current state into one of healthier and active lifestyles, enabled by self-driven electric vehicles that we called “Bubbles”. An elderly person (or anyone else) can use his/her smartphone to call a “Bubble”, which will pick them up and bring them to their desired destination. The person can either travel alone (“Private bubble”), or with friends (“Social bubble”). Trains and Busses will be replaced by moving platforms, which the “Bubbles” connect into. This transforms each “Bubble” into a carriage in the public transport system (for efficient distance travelling). And since city centers will be closed to cars in the future, the “Bubbles” come with access to a free bike rental service at the city centers.



My Team:
Dounia Bourjila
Patrick Leijte
Gabriele Tempesta
Rhys Duindam


"Your team was not only radical in solutions but also radical and exemplary for other teams in the design process, visualizations, and in daring to take risks. Moreover, your team was able to define and set the high standard for this module, basically for all other teams." – Ehsan Baha