Context & Pitch

The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia) is a virtual campus with almost 40000 students and more than 1800 staff members. They offer 19 official degrees in Catalan and Spanish, several graduate and post-graduate studies and a doctoral degree. The UOC is an integrated e-learning environment with mail/agenda/news/classroom/library all running over the internet (


Here I acted as a design consultant, working on a integrated information system called situated bookmarking. The internship was done under the supervision of dr. Oscar Tomico Plasencia and was a field test of the Co-reflection techniques he has developed. Co-reflection is when you treat a consumer as an expert in his/her own experiential world and, through a predefined procedure, find their hidden values and opinions.


Result & Concept Video

The end result of the situated bookmarking project was a three step system to create an open information environment within the UOC offices. The first step was developed further to start the process. For this step, I created a functioning social network with slideshow/image upload functions, which had a mobile website for mobile presentation purposes.